2016 Christmas Delivery Deadlines November 24 2016

To ensure the best chances of getting your order in time for Christmas morning you must order by the deadlines below. 

Given Wicked Wheeler has a mixture of products made on order and in stock, delivery deadlines vary by product type. 

For International Orders

**Due to the huge variations in international shipping timelines we cannot guarantee any timelines for any products on shipments outside the US. **

For Domestic Orders

Shirts and Mugs must be ordered by Dec 8th
We do keep a few designs in stock, so after this deadline give us a email to see if we do and can get it to you in time. 

Flasks,  Coasters, Stickers, Patches and Magnets will be kept in stock during December and must be ordered by Dec 19th

Signs will be made on order and given their more lengthy build time must be ordered by Dec 15th. 


After Dec 15th orders are prioritized to ensure a 23rd or 24th delivery.  If you need it before the 24th you must contact us before ordering to see if we can accommodate

New Store Launch August 12 2014

While our Etsy store has been incredibly successful, in an effort to create better shopping experiences we have decided to open up a standalone Wicked Wheeler ecommerce website.  The greatest of the long list of benefits is the ability for checkout as a guest, without the need to create an account.  Our Etsy account will remain with a limited selection of items. 

The store launches with a small selection of items, ranging from Coasters, Flasks, Shirts and our ever popular Distressed Sign art, but we will be expanding the selection in the next few weeks.