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AT-ST (FJ40) PVC Patch

$ 11.99

The AT-ST (Mark FJ40) or Scout Walker as known by crew is a thin armored reconnaissance craft build and deployed exclusively by the Galactic Empire Imperial Army.

Rugged and light weight, it’s small size and power drive engine allows for remarkable agility across a wide variety of terrain while maintaining long-range capabilities at speeds up on 55 mph.

Fully equipment the Scout Walker FJ40 can support a compliment of two crew members and enough high-intensity power cells to sustain missions up to 5 days with an operational range of over 350 miles, making it an excellent choice for most battle line support, anti-personnel hunting and long range scout and patrol engagements. 

Although very lightly armored,  its agile and quick nature makes it almost impossible to flee on foot and its twin blaster cannons make quick work of isolated ground troops.


Limited edition of 150. 

Size: 3.5" High x 3" Wide. Velcro on back. 

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